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GreenHouse Commitment
Our Operation
We cover most of Sydney’s metropolitan area , which means we can get a trailer bin to you quickly and efficiently.
In most cases trailer is delivered on the same day.
Our bins are made for general waste, which means anything except large quantities of heavy waste such as concrete, dirt, bricks, and rubble. And we don’t take hazardous waste such as asbestos or synthetic chemicals.
As our bins are mounted on trailers and are towed away with the 4WD. They have load limits of just under a tonne. Any heavy demolition waste overloads them, making them unsafe to tow or move.
Responsible Disposal:
We do our best to remain environmentally friendly by ensuring your wastes are disposed of in the correct manner.
The safe handling and management of waste is one of our primary responsibilities.
Upon collection, we manage the chain of custody between return to our depots and eventual disposal or recycling.
All waste collected by us is transported to EPA licensed disposal facilities. These facilities are accredited by government and the Environmental Protection Agency to dispose of waste according to approved guidelines.
Environmental Advantage:
The environment – in both its local aspect and globally - is important, and we must balance modern-living with concern for the precious and fragile nature of our planet’s resources.
With this in mind our business model was designed to minimise the energy used .
We use less fuel because of our vehicles that are more fuel-efficient. As a result we produce minimal greenhouse gas pollution.
We have a creative solution: we use less energy to do the same job. As a result our bins cost you less, and cost the earth less as well.
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